Board Chair
Justice Chifundo Kachale
REACH Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees whose members come from a variety of different backgrounds, including academics, physicians, finance, administration and judiciary. The Board’s role is to ensure good governance and accountability and to provide direction concerning the research agenda of the Trust.

These trustees are divided into committees which are responsible for different roles in supporting the Trust.

Current Board Members are:
  • Justice Chifundo Kachale (Board Chair)
  • Mr. Andrew Dimba
  • Prof. Bertie Squire
  • Dr. C. Bandawe
  • Dr. D. Mvula
  • Dr. A Phoya
  • Mr. F.M. Ndala
  • Dr. O. Chilemba
  • Prof. Robert Heyderman
  • Prof. Yohane Nyasulu