Clinical Drug Management Communication Social Advocacy
The Trust has long standing experience in the diseases of poverty, particularly TB, HIV and malaria and a strong community and equity focus. It uses social, clinical and biomedical research to approach these issues.

REACH has a broad range of expertise on which it draws to implement its research and consultancy projects.
  • Social Science - is a key strength of the Trust, with a number of researchers and senior researchers with longstanding experience and qualifications in this area. This includes qualitative and quantitative research methods, community mobilisation, gender analysis, promoting equity, development of pro-poor policies and identifying barriers to accessing care.

  • Biomedical and Clinical Research - the Trust also has core strengths in clinical and biomedical research. This includes conducting research into the effect of different diagnostic strategies on improving access and quality on poor and vulnerable patients. The Trust also provides support to the National TB Control Programme in the development and implementation of national clinical surveys.

  • Health Communications - developing community level communications

  • Health Economics - including analysing the cost-effectiveness of development interventions

  • Epidemiology -

  • Advocacy and policy influence - research conducted by the Trust is used to advocate for equitable and pro-poor

  • Grant Management