Current Projects
Tuberculosis Projects

REACH Trust has extensive and longstanding experience in improving the prevention, diagnosis and cure of TB. The Trust was originally set up from a research project, EQUI-TB, which promoted the implementation of pro-poor strategies to enhance care and support for TB among the poorest. From this project, the Trust has grown in its size and scope, but TB remains one of the key areas of expertise of the Trust.
  • Triage Plus, 2007-2015, Norwegian Heart and Lung Foundation
    Triage Plus is an integrated package incorporating adaptable but linked combinations of disease recognition, health communication, treatment and referral. It is implemented by close to community providers - eg grocery shops, CBOs and primary health care facilities. The project is piloting this approach and evaluating its potential to address the inequity of essential health service provision for TB and HIV.

Health Systems Projects
  • The REACHOUT Programme, this is an ambitious international research project helping to understand and develop the role of close-to-community providers of health care in preventing, diagnosing, and treating major illnesses and health conditions in rural and urban areas in Africa and Asia.

    REACHOUT will use research to develop and share expertise to support community health workers and policy makers as they work together improving health care services.

Cross Cutting Themes;
  • Health Communication Programme, Dates, Norwegian Heart and Lung Foundation
    The aim of this programme is to improve communication with patients on issues relating to TB, HIV and AIDS. A TB booklet has been developed to be used as a communication tool between health care workers, treatment supporters and TB patients. Health workers in hospitals are being trained on the use of the booklet.