Machinjiri Zone, Chamba Health Centre, Machinga, Feed the Future Consultancy
Below is a list of some consultancies REACH has done..
  • Evaluation of OSISA’s funding to Dignitas International, 2009, OSISA
    The evaluation reviewed the impact of OSISA’s funding to Dignitas International, a Canadian NGO working in Zomba. Dignitas is implementing a HIV/AIDS programme in Zomba which endeavours to improve patient care and develop low-cost, evidence-based and community based models of care. The consultants reviewed the impact of OSISA’s funding to inform the next steps in the partnership between OSISA and Dignitas International.

  • Assessment of food take home rations on orphans and vulnerable children
    This study used qualitative and quantitative community- and household-level research, including 600 household surveys and 60 in depth interviews. The study considered how far the programme was reaching its objectives and whether the programme’s focus on the different target groups was appropriate and balanced. Practical recommendations for implementation were made which balanced the multiple objectives of the project with crucial questions of scale and equity and existing capacity realities

  • Maximising synergies between global health initiatives and health systems strengthening, 2009, WHO
    The purpose of this project is to build new knowledge regarding the interactions between global health initiatives and national health systems. This includes identifying best practices for maximising positive synergies between disease specific programmes and health systems strengthening. The ultimate aim is to formulate recommendations for WHO to guide member countries in efforts to maximise synergies between GHIs and health systems strengthening.

  • Support to GFATM impact study.